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It’s over… 2009/02/27

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Kira Revo is over! LET’S CELEBRATE! ANNOUNCE IT TO THE WORLD! This reaction might be late to the news, but I was too busy celebrating this news to write about it. Haha…

Now I can go back to hoping for H!P future success without worrying about Koharu’s “solo career” bringing it down. Next to go is Mano Erina. Once she’s gone I will truly be a happy camper!

Oh. And I’m Murr. Sup.


Let Me Introduce Myself 2009/02/18

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Hello everyone,My name is andrea and i’m 13 years old! I’m a huge fan of both airi-chan & koha-chan,though my respective fave members of each group they’re in are Ai-chan & maimai,I’m still a huge fan of both,I like writing fanfics,doing stuff,drawing,blogging & sleeping.please be kind to me.

http://lovelytakahashi.vox.com/ my main h!p blog

http://yumekarasamete.wordpress.com/ my ai-chan worship blog.

so you can expect me fangirling over how awesome kohairi are & my utter disagreements with cat about koha-chan’s so called tone deafness.also,the occasional kohacandy & airicandy

An introduction 2008/12/21

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Hi people! I’m Cat and I’m going to be contributing in this project.

I love Airi, and it’s a feeling that has only increased over the years XD She’s a great singer, has a very distinctive voice that I love and she’s just cute as a button! I adore the girl. Especially in Buono, to be honest. That was like the nirvana for my Airi love ❤

I have a little dilemma with Koharu. I like her as a character, she’s energetic, amusing, and wacky. This basically means that she cracks me up, and I like that in an idol. BUT I can’t stand her voice. She’s just very tone deaf, and also, on top of that, sings with a very annoying high pitched voice (in Kirarin singles, mostly). I find her voice in some Kirarin songs to be grating (Papancake, anyone?) and it makes me sad because I know that Koharu doesn’t need to sing like that. I mean, she sounded ok in Koi Kana and Balalaika. She sounds ok in MilkyWay singles so why? WHY? She probably thinks that she needs the high pitched voice in order to be cute and anime-like but yeah, not my cup of tea.

The point of this post is introducing myself so that you’ll know what my entries will probably be about XD So yeah, expect Airi fangirling, Koharu pics or stories and probably no KiraRevo music reviews 😀

Hello! World 2008/12/08

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ in Stuff.
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Welcome to Koi☆Kappa, home of Koha + Airi awesome:

Photos of both Koha and Airi are almost nonexistent, alas, and the above is the closest I could find without extensive editing (it’s been rotated and cropped).

This will be a collaborative blog, focusing on Kusumi Koharu and/or Suzuki Airi. At this time, authors include Kirarin☆Snow ☃, Kyttyee, Murr, Misa, and Cat. Anyone is welcome as a contributor; just leave a comment with your e-mail, and I’ll add you on (you have to have a WordPress.com account first). You don’t need to like both Koha and Airi to contribute; it’d be awesome to have some debate between the pro-Koha, anti-Airi folks and the pro-Airi, anti-Koha folks. You can even dislike both of them; we’d love to have your opinions.

And for those who are already contributors to the awesome Tsuugaku Vector, one Airi blog is never enough. Join us!

All righty, this is Kirarin☆Snow ☃. Over and out.